Our Land

We’re proud that our home is beside the iconic Great Ocean Road. If you’ve ever heard of or visited this area in Victoria, you probably know about the fresh air that sweeps off the ocean and over the pristine, green paddocks dotted along the journey, making the Great Ocean Road area prime dairy country.

Here on our sustainable organic farms, our happy cows produce a healthy supply of organic A2 protein milk for our premium organic A2 protein formula range.

Sustainable Practices

Our land is chemical-free and NASAA-certified organic, meaning we rely only on natural animal and plant products to help our plants and animals grow healthy, without the use of nasty synthetics or pesticides.

To help us maintain our nutrient-dense soil and healthy pastures, we’re committed to working with nature by adopting regenerative farming practices. By working with the environment, we’re able to create a healthier, more nutritious product.

Location Map

Our Cows

Our Friesian and Jersey cows naturally produce some of the finest organic A2 protein milk in the world, and it all comes down to three things: the air they breathe, the land they graze on, and our farmers’ commitment to the cows’ wellness.

With the help of advanced technology, our farmers are able to monitor the health of our cows 24/7. The technology alerts us to any behavioural or pattern changes from the cows, so our farmers can take immediate action to ensure the herds stay happy and healthy.

When cows are looked after and happy, they produce a healthy supply of nutrient-dense premium milk.