At Ocean Road Dairies, how we make our premium organic A2 protein range sets us apart in the formula world. With our farms and manufacturing facility in the same location, we use farm fresh Australian organic A2 protein milk to produce a true “farm to formula” range. While it may take some extra love to craft each batch of premium Organic A2 Protein Infant Formula with farm fresh milk, here’s why we keep it a priority.

A Fresher End Result

Other formula brands blend their formulas with milk powders that are often from overseas and have been in storage  for sometimes up to years in the past. We craft our range with the finest quality Australian organic A2 protein farm fresh milk. Since our milk goes straight from the farm to manufacturing, you can be assured our products are as fresh as they can get.

Higher Nutritional Content

At Ocean Road Dairies, we work hard to raise healthy cows that produce a healthy supply of nutrient-dense, organic A2 protein milk. To protect these very special nutrients, we start with fresh milk and only turn our milk into powder once throughout the process, instead of starting with milk powder and drying it twice like some regular brands.

The Roadmap To Fresher, More Nutritious Formula

We produce our premium organic A2 protein range with farm fresh Australian milk in small batches at our on-site manufacturing facility, located only a short distance from where our cows are milked. It doesn't get much fresher than that.

Australian Organic Cow’s Milk

+ A2 protein

At Ocean Road Dairies, we don’t use just any farm fresh milk – what makes our premium organic A2 protein range extra special is the highly nutritious combination of Australian organic cow’s milk + A2 protein.

Nature’s original recipe for cow’s milk consisted only of the A2 beta-casein protein. Overtime, due to demand and changing farming processes cows started to produce the A1 protein, which is commonly found in today’s cows milk.

At Ocean Road Dairies, we believe mother nature knows best. That’s why our herds happily graze on chemical free organic pastures and only produce premium quality organic A2 protein milk, simply the way nature intended.