Australian Made

Farm Fresh Australian Cow's Milk

A2 Beta-Casein Protein

NASAA-Certified Organic

100% Palm Oil Free

Farm to Formula Fresh

Ocean Road Dairies, How We Craft Our Organic A2 Protein Formula Range

The Power Of 2,

Simply The Way Nature Intended


Ocean Road Dairies’ Australian Organic A2 Protein Infant Formula range is a unique synergy of nature’s goodness, kind to both the planet and to little tummies.

What makes our ‘farm to formula’ range extra special is the highly nutritious combination of Australian organic cow’s milk + A2 protein. Naturally, it takes a special kind of cow to produce our smooth nutritious premium milk, that’s why our herds happily graze on chemical-free organic pastures and only carry the unique A2 beta-casein protein type.

The power of 2, simply the way nature intended it to be.

Discover Our Pure & Nutritious Range

With the help of our healthy pastures and happy cows located beside the Great Ocean Road, our premium organic A2 protein range is the first in the world to use Australian organic A2 protein cow’s milk. This premium, farm fresh milk is blended with leading probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins and minerals to create pure and nutritious infant formulas and toddler milk that are kind to little digestive systems.

Stage 1 Infant Formula

0–6 Months

Stage 2 Follow-On Formula

6–12 Months

Stage 3 Toddler Milk

1 Year +

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Kinder Formula That’s Also Kinder For Our Planet

Ocean Road Dairies is committed to ethical, responsible and sustainable practices. We care about how and where your little ones’ products are made and will always act with integrity to produce pure products that are better for babies and the planet they’ll thrive in.

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