7 Things I Wish I Knew as a First-Time Mum

25 March 2024

Becoming a first-time mother is like a thrilling, unpredictable rollercoaster. In this wild ride called motherhood, there’s no handbook, no foolproof plan. Just the exhilarating highs, unexpected loops and occasional twists.

Here are seven tips of wisdom we wish we could have whispered to our past selves. From the joyous chaos of newborn days to embracing the delightful messiness of parenthood, these insights are your golden ticket to navigating the uncharted waters of motherhood.

1. It’s okay to accept and ask for help

Here’s the golden rule of motherhood: don’t be shy to call in the reinforcements. We’re talking grandparents, friends, neighbours, anyone with a pair of willing hands. Despite our superhero dreams, every mum needs her league of sidekicks. From folding mountains of clothes to playing peek-a-boo while you sneak in a quick shower, these helping hands are the unsung heroes in your motherhood journey.

Accepting help doesn’t make you any less of a supermum- it makes you a smart one. Trust us, you’ll crave those moments of reprieve.

So, when the offer arises, throw away the cape of independence and let others share the load. Remember, the more, the merrier, and the less likely you’ll mistake coffee for milk or your phone for a diaper. Motherhood is a team sport after all!

2. Life will be unpredictable for a while

The illusion of a perfectly planned parenthood- it’s like trying to control a tornado with a feather duster. As a mum-to-be, your agenda might resemble a colour-coded masterpiece, but let me burst that bubble gently. Babies? They have their own secret schedule and it’s written in adorable chaos. Diaper changes during important calls, spontaneous symphonies of late-night lullabies, and the occasional food flinging- welcome to parenthood’s reality.

Flexibility and adaptability should be your parenting superpowers. Embrace the unpredictability, roll with the messy punches, and savour the beautiful mess that is raising a tiny human. Forget the notion of a rigid plan; instead open your arms wide to the unplanned, the messy and the wonderfully spontaneous moments that make this crazy ride worthwhile. Life’s best adventures are the ones you didn’t see coming.

3. You’ll want to embrace the 2:1 ratio

The magical 2:1 ratio- the parental secret weapon against the adorable tiny dictator. Consider it your dynamic duo against sleepless nights and diaper dilemmas. Parenthood is a tag team sport, and it’s crucial to synchronise your capes. When one parent needs a breather or a power nap, the other steps in.

This isn’t a competition; it’s a partnership, a delightful dance where one parent leads while the other takes a well-deserved break. Embrace the beauty of teamwork.

Remember, your bub might be pint-sized, but their demands are legendary. So, strategise, communicate and revel in the fact that you’re not in this alone. The 2:1 ratio is your ace in the parenting deck- use it wisely and your household will be a fortress of love, laughter and well-rested parents who occasionally find socks in the fridge.

4. Every parenting journey and little one is different

In motherhood, no two threads weave the same story. Your journey into parenthood is as unique as a fingerprint, and comparisons are pointless. Every newborn arrival and birthing tale is a singular masterpiece, painted with diverse emotions, challenges, and triumphs.

So, ditch the comparison game. Embrace the extraordinary narrative that is uniquely yours and relish the quirks of your own adventure. There is no one-size-fits-all manual for the beautiful chaos of becoming a parent.

5. It’s okay to take care of yourself

Don’t forget to bookmark moments for yourself. It’s not selfish; it’s self-love, the secret ingredient to being a stellar parent. Whether it’s a quiet cup of coffee, a stolen chapter of a book, or a guilt-free nap, recharge your batteries. Your well-being is the cornerstone of a happy home.

Embrace the art of carving out me-time. A rested, content you is the best gift you can give to both yourself and your little one. Remember, happy mama, happy child.

6. Learning your child’s feeding habits takes time

Feeding time is like a dance, it takes a bit to find your rhythm. Understand that this part of your story is unique for both you and your little one. It’s not about racing to the finish line but savouring the steps along the way. Be patient, observe and let the feeding routine reveal itself naturally.

Like any dance, it might take a few fumbles before you hit the perfect stride. Enjoy the slow, steady pace of this bonding experience- it’s a nourishing journey of discovery for both you and your tiny dance partner.

7. Do all your shopping online

Say goodbye to the diaper aisle dilemmas and grocery store acrobatics. As a mum, online shopping is your trusty sidekick. Why juggle a shopping cart and a stroll when you can conquer your to-buy list with a few clicks? Embrace the convenience, skip the queues, and save your energy for the real circus at home.

From baby wipes to midnight snack cravings, let your fingertips do the shopping. It’s a digital retail therapy that ensures your pantry stays stocked, your sanity intact and your little one’s favourite teddy is a virtual shopping cart away.


And there you have it – the rollercoaster ride called motherhood. Each unpredictable twist, messy turn and spontaneous loop are what shape your unique parenthood experience. Embrace the imperfections, savour the surprises, and relish the fact that there’s no one-size-fits-all in this journey.

Whether you’re a soon-to-be mum or already beginning to find your feet, the essence of this blog is the reminder that you’re not alone. We’re all in this together- laughing at the unexpected, crying at the overwhelming and celebrating the beautifully messy mosaic of motherhood. So, here’s to you, and your heart with the love that only parenthood can bring.

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