Toddler Milestone Moments: Celebrating Achievements Big & Small

29 August 2023

One day you’re walking out of the hospital with your little one for the first time and before you know it, they’re becoming little humans who can speak, walk and create their own thoughts and ideas. You begin to wonder where all the time has gone. As you look back, you remember their first steps, first words and their first day at daycare.

The milestones your toddler achieves as they grow will be remembered forever. They are special memories that celebrate a time of accomplishment. As toddlers develop, they should be encouraged to try new skills and celebrated for all that they achieve! Plus, it gives you special moments to reflect on later in life. Here’s a guide to milestones and how to make them extra special.

Why Should You Celebrate Your Child’s Milestones?

When you receive a bonus at work for achieving a particular goal, are you then more motivated to achieve another goal? This is the feeling toddlers get when they understand their efforts have been appreciated. Toddlers are happy when they know they are loved and valued in the world and by their family. Here are some reasons you should celebrate your child’s milestones:

Makes them feel proud: this is vital for your toddler’s mental and emotional well-being. It empowers them to feel as though they are capable of achieving great things, no matter how big or small.

Furthers encouragement: celebrating positive behaviour is the best way to encourage positive behaviour. Positive reinforcement will see your toddler continue the behaviour because they will know they will be praised for it.

Creates memories: Happy memories will stick forever and are something positive to look back on.

Gives them the confidence they need: Giving your toddler confidence in themselves is crucial for future development. When your toddler is confident, they will be able to set new goals and achieve even greater milestones.

What Kind Of Milestones Should Be Celebrated?

Throughout your child’s life, they will experience all different kinds of milestones, from taking their first steps to getting the “star of the week” at kindergarten. Celebrating their achievements encourages them to reach more milestones. Every child is unique and will be on their own pathway, so whilst one child may be a master at sorting shapes and colours, yours may be saying 2-4 word sentences. No matter when they occur, here are some milestones that should be celebrated:

First swimming lesson: swimming can be daunting, so celebrating their bravery will encourage them to keep trying.

First time they were able to feed themselves: holding their own cutlery and being able to put food in their mouth is challenging and is a massive step in their growth and development!

First steps: every parent looks forward to the moment their little one takes their first steps. It is a significant milestone that should be associated with praise, so your little one understands how important it is that they were able to walk on their own. This will encourage them to keep trying and gradually improve.

First words: this is one of the most exciting milestones. Every parent wants them to say their name first, but regardless, your little one’s first words are super special! There may be tears, there may be clapping, just ensure you praise them and let them know how special it is.

First day of daycare: attending daycare will be your child’s primary priority for all of their childhood. Making daycare a positive experience and encouraging your child to make the most of it will motivate them to be excited about daycare. Their first day is special, so don’t forget to take those photos!

How To Create Lasting Memories With Milestones

Achieving the milestone is one thing… creating a moment to remember forever is another. Associating the achievement with something memorable or exciting will allow you and your toddler to reflect on the moment and relive it. There are several ways you can make the milestones memorable:

Take plenty of pics: you can never take enough! Photos are a helpful physical tool that can be used to remember the milestone. Seeing the photos will jog your memory and help you to feel as though you are reliving it. Photos are excellent because you can do so much with them! You can create a scrapbook, a photo album, frame the photos, or stick them on the fridge. You can also make a video out of the photos to play at their 18th birthday party.

Take videos: what’s better than a photo you ask, a video! Filming the milestone taking place leaves no room for assumptions or imagination. You will be able to watch the video back and see exactly how it all went down.

Write it down: Retell the moment through a story, whether you quickly scrap it down on a piece of paper or beautifully craft a narrative on your computer.  

Have a party with family and friends: Let your child have fun with friends to celebrate their birthday, whether it be at a park or an indoor playground.

Plan a special outing: plan something like going out for a nice meal, a fun activity or a beach trip to make your little one feel appreciated. Relating the milestone to something even more exciting is a good way to make it memorable.  


Remember to live in the present and focus on what your child has achieved. Milestones are worth celebrating, whether big or small. Not only will they encourage your child to reach more milestones, but it also makes them feel loved and appreciated. Achievements are exciting, so treat them as such! Embrace being a family and celebrate the special moments in life, because ultimately, they are the reasons we are here.

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